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Short-Term & Monthly Rentals in Dubai Production City: Elite LUX Holiday Homes

Discover the blend of creativity and comfort with Elite LUX Holiday Homes in Dubai Production City. Ideal for professionals and families seeking a modern and dynamic living environment, these short-term rentals offer a unique lifestyle in one of Dubai's evolving business hubs.

About Dubai Production City

Dubai Production City, previously known as International Media Production Zone, is a leading hub for media production, printing, publishing, and packaging industries. This area combines business, residential, and leisure facilities, making it a popular choice for professionals and families alike.


Strategically situated in the heart of New Dubai, Dubai Production City offers easy access to key areas of the city, including business districts, shopping centers, and leisure attractions. It is well-known for its contemporary architecture and well-planned infrastructure.

Nearby Attractions

Residents in Dubai Production City enjoy proximity to several lifestyle and leisure attractions, including shopping malls, parks, and entertainment venues, ensuring a balanced urban living experience.

Sub-Communities in Dubai Production City

  • Residential Areas: A mix of apartment complexes and townhouses offering modern living spaces.
  • Commercial Zones: Areas dedicated to media and production companies, providing a vibrant business environment.

Properties in Dubai Production City by Elite LUX Holiday Homes

Elite LUX Holiday Homes in Dubai Production City present various accommodation options:

  • Modern Apartments: Stylish apartments equipped with all the modern amenities for a comfortable stay.
  • Townhouses: Spacious townhouses suitable for families, offering privacy and community living.

Rent Price Trends in Dubai Production City

Dubai Production City offers a range of rental properties that cater to diverse budgets, ensuring a high standard of living at competitive prices.

Lifestyle in Dubai Production City

The lifestyle in Dubai Production City is centered around convenience and efficiency, perfect for professionals and families:

  • Community Living: A friendly and inclusive community atmosphere with a focus on professional and family life.
  • Leisure and Recreation: Parks, sports facilities, and recreational areas for a balanced lifestyle.
  • Retail and Dining: A variety of shopping and dining options catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

Amenities in Dubai Production City

Elite LUX Holiday Homes are equipped with a range of facilities to provide a luxurious and convenient living experience:

  • Health and Fitness: Access to gyms, health clubs, and outdoor sports facilities.
  • Daily Essentials: Supermarkets, pharmacies, and other essential services within easy reach.
  • Security: High levels of security and safety within the community.

Transportation and Parking in Dubai Production City

Dubai Production City offers excellent connectivity with major highways and public transport links. Residential areas provide ample parking for residents and visitors.

Why Choose Elite LUX Holiday Homes in Dubai Production City?

Elite LUX Holiday Homes in Dubai Production City are ideal for those seeking a contemporary and dynamic lifestyle in a thriving business community, combined with the comforts and amenities of modern living.


  • Accessibility: Conveniently located with easy access to Dubai's major business and leisure destinations.
  • Accommodation Options: A variety of modern and well-equipped living spaces to suit different needs.
  • Community and Lifestyle: A vibrant community with a mix of residential, business, and leisure facilities.
  • Transportation Facilities: Well-connected by public transport and major roads for hassle-free commuting.