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Short-Term & Monthly Rentals in Mohammed Bin Rashid City: Elite LUX Holiday Homes

Step into a world of unparalleled luxury and comfort with Elite LUX Holiday Homes in Mohammed Bin Rashid City, Dubai. Ideal for discerning guests seeking an upscale living experience, these short-term rentals offer exquisite accommodations in one of Dubai's most prestigious and visionary developments.

About Mohammed Bin Rashid City

Mohammed Bin Rashid City, is a new city within Dubai, characterized by its ambitious scale and luxurious developments. It aims to embody the city's cosmopolitan essence and entrepreneurial spirit, featuring vast green spaces, world-class amenities, and a mix of residential, commercial, and entertainment facilities.


Strategically located at the heart of Dubai, MBR City offers seamless connectivity to the city's major landmarks and business districts, making it a coveted location for luxury living and high-end lifestyle.

Nearby Attractions

MBR City is home to several iconic attractions, including the Crystal Lagoon, Meydan Racecourse, and sprawling green parks, providing residents and visitors with a plethora of leisure and entertainment options.

Sub-Communities in Mohammed Bin Rashid City

  • District One: Known for luxurious villas and mansions set around the Crystal Lagoon.
  • Sobha Hartland: A residential community offering high-end apartments, villas, and townhouses amidst green landscapes.
  • Meydan: Featuring the world-famous Meydan Racecourse, alongside premium residential developments.

Properties in Mohammed Bin Rashid City by Elite LUX Holiday Homes

Elite LUX Holiday Homes in MBR City provide an assortment of luxury living options:

  • Signature Villas: Opulent villas with bespoke designs, offering privacy and exclusivity.
  • Deluxe Apartments: Premium apartments with state-of-the-art amenities and breathtaking views.

Rent Price Trends in Mohammed Bin Rashid City

MBR City, with its focus on luxury and quality, offers a range of rental options that reflect the high standards of living expected in such a distinguished development.

Lifestyle in Mohammed Bin Rashid City

MBR City is designed to offer a lavish lifestyle, featuring:

  • Luxury Amenities: State-of-the-art health clubs, spas, and recreational facilities.
  • Leisure and Entertainment: Exclusive boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and vibrant nightlife.
  • Green Spaces: Expansive parks, gardens, and the Crystal Lagoon for outdoor activities.

Amenities in Mohammed Bin Rashid City

Elite LUX Holiday Homes are equipped with premium amenities to ensure a stay that epitomizes luxury and comfort:

  • Convenience and Service: 24/7 concierge services, gourmet food delivery, and personal shopping.
  • Security and Privacy: Advanced security systems and a high level of privacy for all residents.
  • Transportation: Efficient transport links and private shuttle services to key points in Dubai.

Transportation and Parking in Mohammed Bin Rashid City

MBR City's master plan includes comprehensive transportation networks, ensuring easy access throughout the city. Ample parking and private garages are standard in residential properties.

Why Choose Elite LUX Holiday Homes in Mohammed Bin Rashid City?

Choosing Elite LUX Holiday Homes in MBR City is opting for a lifestyle that combines the essence of luxury with the vibrancy of Dubai's dynamic culture, set in one of the most visionary urban developments in the world.


  • Development Vision: MBR City is designed to be a self-sufficient city with a focus on luxury, innovation, and green living.
  • Residential Options: A diverse range of high-end properties cater to various preferences and lifestyles.
  • Community and Lifestyle: A vibrant community atmosphere with access to world-class amenities and facilities.
  • Connectivity: Excellent location with easy access to Dubai's major attractions and business hubs.