House Rules


  • VAT – means Value Added Tax as imposed by Federal Tax Authority under the Federal Decree-Law No. (8) of 2017 and for which the rate is set to 5% rate;
  • DTCM – means The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing of Dubai;
  • DED – means Department of Economic Development in Dubai;
  • TDF – means Tourism Dirham Fee as set by DTCM as per Executive Council Resolution No. (2) of 2014 approving the Tourism Dirham Fee in the Emirate of Dubai;
  • PSC – means Property Service Charge of 15%;



  • Guests and their visitors must understand and respect that all our Holiday Homes are located in residential (family-oriented and not business or commercial oriented) communities and hence Guest and visitor behavior should be reflective of a family environment.
  • Respect residential amenities and the security of the property and as well as neighbors.
  • Refrain from any uncivilized / inappropriate behavior.
  • Not conduct any illegal or commercial activities inside the property and the premises at any time during their stay.



  • All Guests and All Visitors must be registered with Operator at least 24-hours in advance (and valid IDs should be presented to the Operator and to the community security/reception), else access may be delayed or rejected.
  • Both Guests and Visitors must comply with House Rules and Community Regulations and procedures as set out by security services.
  • Children under 14 should be supervised in all recreation areas. – Guests are responsible for the behavior of their visitors and for ensuring that Visitors comply with these House Rules.
  • Maximum number of visitors allowed is one adult and one child under 14 years of age per bedroom, with no more than six visitors, except with the approval of the building or residential community management and the Licensee’s approval regarding the largest number of guests in special circumstances, not counting a domestic worker or guards room.
  • The maximum number of visitors allowed per Unit is two adults and two children under 14 years of age per master bedroom or studio, two adults and one child under 14 years of age per additional bedroom, and only one person per domestic worker or guard.
  • Visitors are allowed to enter the Property anytime between 8am until 10pm time frame only.
  • Visitors may not remain in the Holiday Home between 12:00am midnight and 8:00am.
  • Visitors access to the community facilities such as pool, gym or the spa may be restricted or limited as per community rules and procedures.



Guests acknowledge that all properties are residential properties, located in residential buildings/communities. Accordingly no concierge,
  • use the property/facilities such as spa/swimming pool/gym, etc. only at designated areas and use them only at their own risk and liability;
  • inspect the Property upon checking-in to assure that fittings and furnishings are complete and functional at the time of check-in; if any item is found missing, damaged, stained, children unfriendly or dis-functional then report to Operator within first 24 hours.
  • accompany their children in all areas including but not limited to the pool, gym, beach, sea, spa, balcony, terrace, backyard, bedroom and bathrooms and be fully responsible for the safety and well-being of their children.
  • Guest is solely responsible for checking, storing & collecting all his personal belongings or valuable items. Operator bears zero-liability against forgotten or lost items.



  • Guests must not create noise that is offensive to neighbors, during arrival and departure and at any time during occupancy, especially between 10pm-8am. Noise is considered to be too loud if it can be heard by an adjacent neighbor when inside their house with their windows and doors closed.
  • Guests are not allowed to enter or use neighbor's premises including their property, backyard/patio, yard, garden, pool or personal items such as boat, kayak, toys, tools, chairs, etc.
  • Guests must notify the Operator of any disputes or complaints from neighbors as soon as is practicable.
  • Guests and Visitors must not engage in anti-social behavior and must minimize their impact upon the residential amenity of neighbors and local community.



  • All sort of parties and gatherings are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.



  • The swimming pool/spa must be used only between the hours as set by the community management or Operator.
  • No glassware is permitted in the pool.
  • Guests and visitors must take all reasonable safety measures regarding the swimming pool and spa, in particular with respect to safety risks to children.



  • Standard check in time is 3:00 PM (and 4:00 PM for villas) and checkout is at 11:00 am. Unless otherwise arranged with Operator, the set check-out time is crucial for the cleaning team to perform housekeeping duties and to prepare the property for next guest.
  • Therefore, unauthorized late check-outs or in the event the housekeepers cannot enter the Property due to a delay caused by the Guest for any reason – then the Guest will be subject to automatic charge of full-night cost.
  • Early check-in/checkout is subject to availability first and prior written Operator’s approval is required. Any unapproved early check is subject to availability and extra charge of full night cost will automatically apply.
  • The Property is being rented in AS IS condition; Upon checking-in, Guest is required to inspect the Property; The Guest has to notify the Operator of any major damages found within 24-hours after check-in;
  • Guest is fully responsible for costs to the Property for such major damages that are not reported to Operator on time.
  • When absent from the Property the Guest shall close and lock all windows and doors to maintain security and prevent dust, rain and water damage.
  • If the Guest is absent from the Property for more than 7 calendar days in a row, then the Guest must notify to the Operator about such absence and allow the Operator to conduct regular inspections to avoid potential water leakages or other unfortunate events.



  • BBQ are not permitted inside ANY apartment, nor its balconies or terraces. Barbeques are only permitted in designated places whereas such facility is provided by Operator or Community Management in advance.



  • Smoking of cigarettes STRICTLY PROHIBITED indoors/inside the Property at all times.
  • Smoking of shisha / hookah is NOT allowed indoors or outdoors for security reasons.



  • There are only a few specific units in our inventory that accept pets. Additional pet fees are determined on a case by case basis. If Operator authorized a pet at the property the Pet Addendum must be submitted prior to the stay and the Pet Fee must be paid in full.



  • Guests may not make any alterations to the Unit without prior written approval of the owner of the Unit. That includes any hangings on the wall of any sort including double sided tape.



  • Guests must dispose of garbage and recycling in accordance normal practice at the Unit and building or community and in the allocated bins and areas.
  • Guests must not leave rubbish in public or common areas.
  • Guests must comply with requirements in relation to the relevant garbage and recycling collection days, as well as any requirements relating to the disposal of garbage or waste minimization.



  • Guests and visitors are to comply with parking regulations and other requirements set out by Operator and show consideration to neighbors and other vehicles.
  • Guests and visitors are supposed to park only in the designated place(s) and to the maximum number of vehicles as instructed by the Operator.



  • In the event of an emergency relating to the Property, please telephone +971 4 818 2300 or WhatsApp +971 52 691 7660