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Short-Term & Monthly Rentals in Damac Hills, Dubai: Elite LUX Holiday Homes

Welcome to the serene and luxurious lifestyle at Elite LUX Holiday Homes in Damac Hills, Dubai. Ideal for families, golf enthusiasts, and those seeking a peaceful retreat, these premium short-term rentals offer a unique combination of leisure, comfort, and scenic beauty in one of Dubai's most prestigious communities.

About Damac Hills

Damac Hills, known for its lush landscapes and exceptional facilities, is a prestigious residential community in Dubai. This area, celebrated for its luxurious villas, apartments, and world-class amenities, revolves around the Trump International Golf Club Dubai, making it a paradise for golf lovers and those seeking a tranquil yet upscale living experience.


Nestled within the heart of Dubai, Damac Hills boasts a prime location with easy access to the city's major attractions and business hubs. Its proximity to key areas like Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai makes it an ideal choice for residents who enjoy both the quietness of the suburbs and the vibrancy of the city.

Nearby Attractions

Residents in Damac Hills can enjoy a variety of attractions within and around the community. Apart from the golf course, the area is close to parks, shopping centers, and entertainment venues, offering a well-rounded lifestyle.

Sub-Communities in Damac Hills

  • Trump Estates: Exclusive villas and mansions surrounding the golf course.
  • Bellavista: Elegant apartments with stunning views and modern amenities.
  • Radisson Hotel Dubai Damac Hills: A luxury hotel offering world-class services and facilities.

Properties in Damac Hills by Elite LUX Holiday Homes

Elite LUX Holiday Homes in Damac Hills offer a range of luxurious accommodations:

  • Elegant Villas: Spacious and beautifully designed, perfect for families and large groups.
  • Modern Apartments: Stylish and fully-furnished, suitable for singles and small families.

Rent Price Trends in Damac Hills

Damac Hills offers a variety of rental options, catering to diverse preferences and budgets, all within an exclusive and upscale community.

Lifestyle in Damac Hills

Damac Hills is a haven for those who appreciate luxury living with a blend of leisure activities:

  • Golf and Sports: Access to the Trump International Golf Club and various sports facilities.
  • Dining and Shopping: A selection of fine dining restaurants and convenient shopping outlets.
  • Natural Scenery: Beautifully landscaped gardens, parks, and lakes.

Amenities in Damac Hills

Elite LUX Holiday Homes come equipped with first-class amenities to ensure a comfortable and indulgent stay:

  • Health and Wellness: State-of-the-art fitness centers and health clubs.
  • Convenience and Leisure: Supermarkets, schools, and leisure clubs within the community.
  • Security and Safety: 24/7 security and a safe, family-friendly environment.

Transportation and Parking in Damac Hills

Damac Hills offers excellent connectivity with the rest of Dubai, featuring well-planned roads and easy access to public transportation. Ample parking is available in all residential areas.

Why Choose Elite LUX Holiday Homes in Damac Hills?

Choosing Elite LUX Holiday Homes in Damac Hills means opting for an exclusive lifestyle surrounded by luxury, comfort, and nature. It's perfect for those seeking an elegant living experience in one of Dubai’s most distinguished neighborhoods.


  • Community Features: Damac Hills is renowned for its lush green landscapes and world-class golfing facilities.
  • Home Amenities: Fully equipped with modern amenities for a luxurious living experience.
  • Family-Oriented: The community is designed to be family-friendly, with schools and parks within easy reach.
  • Transportation: Easy access to main roads and public transportation for convenient travel throughout Dubai.